Many Bothans Died

The tale how the Bothan's came to find the Death Star plans was always interesting to me. As Rouge One is building off the spine of the original Star Wars trilogy seems like a good time to show the work I started last summer in thinking about this and Mace Windu. 

While Sam Jackson's demise was mostly shown on screen it seemed like there was still more to be seen.



Crafting the universe

Spacebat was a narrative journey of exploration and also a creative one. The story telling was designed to build over four issues with stand alone tales that each concluded in a powerful cliff hanger. This was a new style of writing for me, with a lot of challenges to pack in as much humor, excitement and action as could fit in 22 pages. 

The art style was an exploration as well. My line work has always been dynamic and loose, but I never tried to capture the raw energy, shape, and form of my roughs in a finished piece before. Nor had I explored such a specific color palette before, focusing on the four primary hues and keeping the energy and looseness alive.  




A collection of some of the classic Ditko creations.

The four amazing characters from Eastman and Laird.

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A new all-ages adventure featuring a set of rascals and rogues set to save the world from space chickens, wizards, and lizards! This tale is set for release this summer and is a collaboration with my niece and nephews starring each of them as a hero with unique powers that are sure to cause TROUBLE.

Take a look deeper look at the series and discover their origins.