The acclaimed genre bending digital and print series featuring a motorcycle samurai trekking across wind swept desert with a sword on her hip.




From out of the desert rides a stranger on the back of an air-cooled cruiser pushing 700 cc's, a prisoner in tow and a sword on her hip. This masked bounty hunter rides into town with a whirlwind of trouble behind her and a squad of henchman in front.

Conflict simmers as the sheriff is set at odds with the boss of the town and old rivalries threaten to start again. It is the town of Trouble after all, and nobody is safe.

A genre bending western that mixes the spaghetti western with John Ford and fuses Mad Max and Kill Bill into a fantastic yarn.

The White Bolt, the drifter with a veiled past, rolls into town with trouble for the Sheriff. The Sheriff is an war veteran with old scar, long memory, and deep love to espresso.

The Sheriff is at odds with the Boss of the town and the drifter and her bounty offer leverage enough to bring down the Boss. It is the Boss, her goons, and her brother, the Iron King, that all must face off to decide not only the fate of the town but their own.



Born out of the love of westerns, it seemed the two greatest actors of the genre lived in the same era, but never crossed paths on-screen.

The Motorcycle Samurai is a tale that brings that unique role of the hero and John Wyane into contact and conflict with that of the drifter and Clint Eastwood's persona through the 70's. Given that the era is in technicolor it only makes sense that Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen would blend with Elvis and Evil Knievel to form a mash-up kung fu fueled romp across the sacred desert landscape on suped up hogs and jet packs. 



Mark Waid
"More, please!"

Geof Darrow


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