Delving into the rich past of politics and culture over the last century lead to some wonderful and evocative places. From the wild fiddle playing of field recordings from the 1930's to textured landscape of David Bowie's 60's explorations the music and the culture that created it was a rich backdrop on helping define the world. Add to that the political operatives that've thrived and gained notoriety, the project really became about sifting through the sands of time and finding the threads that went together. It was a joy to imagine Bowie and Hunter Thompson traipsing through an alien ship, the sword Excalibur in hand, waiting to face off against a vast menagerie of villainy.


Defining the characters and the shape of the world was one that allowed for a lot of play and improvisation. Never one for too much formal structure, the story itself was built off the characters that have bounced around the political landscape over the past half century or more.

Drawing in elements from American history, like Doc Holliday's spurs or a mysterious bowie knife, just helped add weight and interest to what were already unique characters in their own right.

A new word unlike anything seen before awaits.




THE PROGRESSIVE REDNECK is a project that has been around since the passing of Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Inspired by his progressive turn in life, his fiddle playing, and his general vigor the idea that perhaps he went on in this world after history stopped recording his deeds seemed like a good jumping off point for exploring. From there the character code named 'PROGRESSIVE REDNECK' grew to include a bowie knife on his hip and the spurs of Doc Holliday. He also went from being a statesman to a covert agent with kung-fu prowess and a penchant for verbose language right before unleashing a wicked kick of justice.

The current incarnation of the story delves into the Progressive Redneck's origins, his current lot in life as a covert agent, and charts a course through the current state of politics in the US as an evil, wild-eyed, willy-haired, maniac looks to conquer not only the United States, but the world.  

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